Getting rid of the winter blahs

Stay active year round!

After the excitement of the Holidays have passed and the winter days drag on many people dream of traveling to a warm beach location to escape the winter chill. Unfortunately, beach vacations carry a heavy price tag and most people cannot afford a getaway.

Many people suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I feel this myself around this time of the year. There are many different ways people cope with the winter blahs.

Holidays and New Year Resolutions

Healthy Plan

Start the year off right!

The holidays are a time of being with the ones you love. They are also a time when we all indulge a little (or a lot!). Once the new year rolls around, we decide to get healthy and lose the weight for good! We have the best intentions and yet most of us will fail.

Why? Because we are creating unrealistic expectations for ourselves that no one can uphold.