Trick or Treat!

With Halloween coming up this week, it got me thinking….

Why is it that just about every Holiday or gathering is synonymous with candy and sweets?

Halloween candy, Christmas cookies, Valentines Day chocolates, Easter baskets filled with sweet treats, Birthday cake, Anniversary cakes, Office party sweets, Retirement party cake, Wedding cake, Baby shower cake and other sweets, doughnuts and pastries at office meetings, candy jars at co-worker’s desks…..and on and on and on….it seems we as a society cant go long without our sweets!

Launch Week!

Wow- what a week it has been! A week filled with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Unexpected setbacks, excitement about finally getting this product onto a retail shelf, a TON of last minute work and preparations, many anxious sleepless nights, the feeling of accomplishment that we have come so far, second guessing every decision made….

I’ve always heard that a start up is not for the faint of heart, and its true.

Potatoes! Americas Favorite Vegetable

Did you know a medium sized potato contains 35% of an adult’s daily requirement of Vitamin C? It also contains potassium, fiber, and even protein! Who knew?

According to the USDA, the average Americans eats 140 pounds of potatoes eat year, including over 50 pounds of French fries!

Potatoes are super versatile and can be used to create a healthy, easy, fast meal!

Easy Baked Potato:
Simply wash and dry the potato,