Let’s Talk Turnips: 5 Ways to Bring Up Veggies With Your Kids

Talking about the importance of veggies is as essential as play safety and good manners. Yet when it comes to the veggie rainbow we often struggle to find the words that capture a kid’s imagination. Here are five ways to plant that seed of veggie conversation.


The Vegy Vida-Marsh Launch: 2 Airstreams, 6-fold Growth and 100s of Happy Kids

On June 17, Vegy Vida entered all 72 Marsh Supermarket locations and hundreds of children across Indiana and Ohio entered our hearts. With two Airstreams, hundreds of pounds of veggies and a mission to help kids love veggies for life, we began a journey.

Gardeners say that arugula and radishes grow pretty fast, but on June 17, no veggies could grow as fast as Vegy Vida. We expanded our size by six times in one day!

National Eat Your Veggies Day: 3 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Eat Veggies

Vegy Vida likes to add a twist to the way we enjoy veggies, and that applies to how we celebrate them as well. So we hope you join us on June 17 for National Eat Your Veggies Day, when we celebrate the earth’s most nutritious foods through a variety of creative family events.

Good health doesn’t start with a regimen or a membership or a fad. It starts with one day.

Mornings With Broccoli, and 6 Other Ways Kids Can Love Veggies for Breakfast

Kid’s not a morning person? A little green pepper might help. Some of the best foods for a kid’s mood, energy and satiety come courtesy of Mother Earth, not a box. These six breakfast ideas will change the way your kids tackle the day.

Sure, that bowl of corn puffs looks innocent enough, but what we feed our kids for breakfast could very well make them toast before noon.

If the cereal includes a lot of sugar,