Few foods say love like hot soup. Ask the kids to help you make a batch and you have warm memories, not to mention the start of a tradition. These five kid-friendly veggie soup recipes are easy, versatile and fun to make together. 

Few foods feed a child’s soul, not to mention belly, as well as hot soups.

A bowl of soup is like a warm bath for the soul. It provides a kid’s growing body with essential nutrients while providing comfort – a liquid, loving embrace.

For this reason, soup tends to feel more like a direct extension of mom than many other foods. And when she makes that soup from scratch, with help from the kids, the connection is unquestionable. A child who eats soup that he helped make with mom is supping a wholesome, lasting experience.

And that wholesome experience sticks – to a kid’s ribs, muscles, mind and eyes. This is particularly the case with veggie-rich soups, which are brimming with key vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that support healthy growth and development.

The good news is soups can be pretty darned easy to make. Easy enough, in fact, for kids to help out in many ways. We’ve rounded up five family-friendly veggie soups that will get a child’s stamp of approval. Get your pots ready for liquid love!

7-Vegetable Minestrone

This hearty recipe includes spinach, squash, zucchini and carrots as well as white beans, so it’s got you covered on vitamins A, B and C, as well as potassium, iron and protein. If you do not have fresh tomatoes on hand, you can use canned Roma tomatoes for the base. Kids can help open those cans and measure veggies. The whole shebang can be made in one pot, so limited cleanup! Thanks for the recipe, Momma Miss!

Cheddar Cauliflower Soup

This milk-based soup includes a full head of chopped, nutrient-packed cauliflower, but you can use pre-cut cauliflower crumbles that are popping up in stores. (Or, if you prefer, try broccoli.) The limited amount of cheddar cheese and low-fat milk (kids can measure it out) make for a relatively low-calories meal – just 250 per serving. You also can substitute or complement the cheese with all-natural Cheesy Cheddar Vegy Vida, which is high in protein but low in fat. Terrific inspiration, Pop Sugar!

Quinoa Vegetable Soup

This super-healthy soup is made in the slow cooker, so it can simmer away for six to eight hours while your tending to other tasks (or sleeping!). It calls for both kale and butternut squash, the latter of which can be frozen – a real time saver. Ask the kids to help you toss the ingredients, including canned beans, tomatoes, onion and quinoa, into the slow cooker before programing it to go. The kale joins the group just minutes before serving. Yay for this Super Healthy Kids’ recipe!

Kid-friendly Taco Soup

We love taco soup because the recipe can be versatile and forgiving. If you prefer not to use beef, you can substitute with ground turkey, chicken or tempeh. You also can add or switch out the veggies based on what is in your fridge or what the kids choose. Tomatoes, which are high in vitamin A and a great source of lycopene (good for healthy heart development) are pretty much a must. This simple, one-pot recipe can be pulled together in roughly 30 minutes. For added zing, garnish it with a topper of Zesty Southwest Vegy Vida. We love this recipe, Parents!

Veggie Pot Pies

We like to refer to this recipe as soup in a blanket. Roll out a can of crescent roll dough and stamp out 12 rounds roughly the size of cupcake liners. Gently place each round into a muffin or cupcake tin (ask the kids to help). Fill each with a mixture of cooked chicken, veggies, cream of onion soup and Cool Buffalo Vegy Vida. Top with strips of the remaining dough and bake. This five-ingredient recipe calls for frozen veggies but feel free to use fresh if you have the time.

Try these soups on a cool (or even warm) afternoon and you’ll feed your kid’s body and soul for many healthy days. Pass the crackers!

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