Vegy Vida was developed by moms. BVV (Before Vegy Vida), you could ask any of our moms what dinner time was like and you’d be met with heavy sighs, little laughs and veggie negotiation tales. We set out on this mission so we could hear about happy mealtimes and magic moments.

Vegy Vida helps start the veggie relationship with your kiddo, but sometimes they need a little incentive. (Don’t we all?)

We created a tool called the BrocStar Certificate. It’s a fun, interactive way to motivate your child to simply give peas a chance, chomp on a carrot, maybe even eat a Brussels sprout (hey, a girl can dream).

How does it work? It’s simple: try a veggie, cross it off the list!

Download our Official BrocStar™ Certificate to encourage your kids to take the BrocStar challenge. They’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as they check off each veggie they try.

It may not be love at first bite, but Vegy Vida will help them learn healthy habits they’ll take with them the rest of their life.

Don’t forget! Mom-brag all the way to the playground and beyond by posting a pic of the completed certificate on Facebook or Instagram with #BrocStar for your chance to win some vegy cute prizes!

(Click here to download, print and play along: Official BrocStar™ Certificate)

Brocstar Certificate fun way to get kids to eat vegetables









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