Let’s Talk Turnips: 5 Ways to Bring Up Veggies With Your Kids

Talking about the importance of veggies is as essential as play safety and good manners. Yet when it comes to the veggie rainbow we often struggle to find the words that capture a kid’s imagination. Here are five ways to plant that seed of veggie conversation.


National Eat Your Veggies Day: 3 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Eat Veggies

Vegy Vida likes to add a twist to the way we enjoy veggies, and that applies to how we celebrate them as well. So we hope you join us on June 17 for National Eat Your Veggies Day, when we celebrate the earth’s most nutritious foods through a variety of creative family events.

Good health doesn’t start with a regimen or a membership or a fad. It starts with one day.

Mornings With Broccoli, and 6 Other Ways Kids Can Love Veggies for Breakfast

Kid’s not a morning person? A little green pepper might help. Some of the best foods for a kid’s mood, energy and satiety come courtesy of Mother Earth, not a box. These six breakfast ideas will change the way your kids tackle the day.

Sure, that bowl of corn puffs looks innocent enough, but what we feed our kids for breakfast could very well make them toast before noon.

If the cereal includes a lot of sugar,

Q&A With Founder of Kidstir: Recipes For (Making) Little Chefs

The first steps to getting kids to love healthy foods for life lead to the kitchen. This Q&A with Aparna Pande reveals how her company, Kidstir, encourages kids to measure, mix and understand the value of nutritious meals.

If there is one ingredient often missing from the kitchen table, Aparna Pande thinks it might be adventure. Fortunately, she has a kit for that.

Pande is founder and CEO of Kidstir,

VegyVentions: Turn Veggies Into Magical Munchies, Imaginatively

Give a child some Lego blocks and he might build a house. Give him sliced cucumbers, peppers and toothpicks, and he’ll assemble a car. The best part of a VegyVention creativity kit: Kids can turn their inventions into body fuel.

The imagination is an amazing gift. It can transform mushrooms into elf umbrellas and it can turn veggies into flying machines.

This is what we learned at a recent “VegyVention” exercise conducted with members of the Greater Cincinnati YMCA and a crowd of about 50 eager kids.

Color-Coded Health: Seeing Reds (and Purples and Greens) In a New Light

Red speaks to our hearts, while green speaks to our brains, but what of yellow, and even white? The colorful compounds of veggies deliver important health and nutritional benefits to different parts to growing bodies. A look into what veggie brilliance means to kids.

Here’s a fun after-school activity: Give your kid six crayons and ask him or her to draw the picture of health. Next, take that picture and duplicate it on a plate.

Hyper Focus: How Veggies Turn Fits Into Grins

The foods kids eat contribute substantially to their moods and energy levels, with veggies playing a starring role. Making the most of them, however, also means understanding what contributes to temper tantrums. How veggies can transform little sourpusses into afternoon delights.


Here’s a kid conversation starter: Next time your child laughs, tell her she is acting like a cucumber.

The foods we eat contribute substantially to our moods and energy levels,

How to Nip Veggie Aversion In the Bud: 4 Steps

If your kid is gagging on her broccoli, thank Mother Nature.

Turns out that veggie aversion is rooted not in fussiness, but in physiology. Children, though smaller than us in every way, actually outsize us when it comes to our taste buds. They’ve got a whole lot more of them – as many as three times.

This difference has been the cause of kitchen-table standoffs for generations, as kids refuse their vegetables and parents pursue creative and sometimes desperate measures to get their kids to Please … just … take … one … bite.

Health is the best gift

One of the main components of the Holidays is gift giving! We buy gifts for our family, friends, and sometimes we take advantage of the Holiday sales to buy a gift for ourselves!

Making sure we are eating healthy and getting some exercise is the most important gift we can give ourselves. That’s because our health drives all aspects of our lives and everyone around us!

If we are healthy,

Launch Week!

Wow- what a week it has been! A week filled with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Unexpected setbacks, excitement about finally getting this product onto a retail shelf, a TON of last minute work and preparations, many anxious sleepless nights, the feeling of accomplishment that we have come so far, second guessing every decision made….

I’ve always heard that a start up is not for the faint of heart, and its true.