5 New Ways to Get Kids to Eat Veggies (and Fun Recipes to Help)

Kids resist vegetables for complex reasons, but resolving the challenge may be relatively easy. We explore five ways to get kids to try veggies that do not involve camouflage, bargaining or tears.

Kids may be worth their weight in gold, but show them an ounce of broccoli and many end up being twice their weight in resistance.

Few events cause parents as much frustration, and guilt, as a kid who just will not eat.

Veggie Quiz: 10 Questions Test Your Super Food IQ

Veggies have been shown to improve our intelligence and memory. So let’s put it to the test. Parents, take this quiz with your kids to see who has the super smarts when it comes to super foods!

Not to knock the apple, but a better match for the teacher’s desk might just be a bouquet of spinach or a bundle of green beans.

Research indicates that veggies can improve our memories,

10 Surprising Veggie Facts: Curious Tales for Kids

Cucumbers as a stain remover? Beets as a Halloween aid? In addition to life-supporting nutrients, the veggies on your kid’s plate have curious histories. We share 10 odd veggie facts.

Next time you look at a picture of the pyramids, take a moment to thank the modest radish.

That is how the ancient Egyptian laborers who built the pyramids were paid – in nice, plump radishes. Apparently, in addition to being a crunchy way to getting one’s vitamin C and potassium,

Taking the Labor Out of the Picnic: 6 Easy, Veggie-Friendly Recipes

For many parents, getting the little ones to eat veggies is no picnic. Let’s change that this Labor Day. These six kid-approved veggie recipes, from our kitchen and others, will be a picnic basket hit.

This Labor Day, let’s not make feeding the kids any more work than it should be. In fact, let’s make it a picnic.

We know, broccoli in a blanket may not sound like a day at the beach.

After-School Nutrition: 10 Cook-Free Snacks for Kids

Grab ‘n go does not have to mean low nutrition and high preservatives. Here’s a list of 10 healthy, portable snacks from the fridge that require no cooking.

When it comes to nutrition, portable should be affordable, and it should also come wrapper-free.

By the year 2019, the sale of snack bars is expected to rise by 20 percent, thanks to the demand for grab ‘n go food.

Lunchbox Veggies: How Ribbons and Tots Make Nutrition Fun (and Easy)

The days of PB&J in wax paper may be behind us, but the challenge of packing a healthy back-to-school lunchbox is not. These six creative ideas can make veggies hard to resist at any age.

In the 1960s, the School Lunch Division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture was determined to find out just what it was kids wanted to eat for lunch. So it tested nine recipes across 50 communities.

Peppers are for Winners: 4 Games that Help Kids Love Veggies for Life

Kids want every aspect of life to be fair, which can be hard to appreciate over Brussels sprouts. We share four fun games that help kids find the fair-and-square in veggies.

Next time you spy your kid sneaking broccoli into his pocket, suggest he try putting it into a hat instead.

It may make more sense than you think – if the hat is part of one of our games.

21-Day Veggie Challenge: Brilliant Ways to Get Veggies Into Our Bellies

Research shows if we place a plate of veggies out, we are more likely to finish them. This is the origin of the 21-Day Veggie Challenge by Vegy Vida. Read on to learn more.

If the world’s table can be viewed as a potluck, then every one of us should consider an appetizer from Mother Earth.

Research shows that if we put a pretty plate of fresh veggies out on the table before a meal,

Let’s Talk Turnips: 5 Ways to Bring Up Veggies With Your Kids

Talking about the importance of veggies is as essential as play safety and good manners. Yet when it comes to the veggie rainbow we often struggle to find the words that capture a kid’s imagination. Here are five ways to plant that seed of veggie conversation.