From Brain to Belly: 5 Ways to Teach Kids About Veggies

Experts suggest that kids who know the names and appearances of veggies are more likely to eat them. We’ve got five easy tips for exposing your kids to vegetables and their benefits, for more educational and happy mealtimes.

To know a veggie is to love it.

That’s the common thinking, anyway. Teach a kid to know her vegetables, and you may have a veggie lover in … well, how long it takes might vary. 

Peppers are for Winners: 4 Games that Help Kids Love Veggies for Life

Kids want every aspect of life to be fair, which can be hard to appreciate over Brussels sprouts. We share four fun games that help kids find the fair-and-square in veggies.

Next time you spy your kid sneaking broccoli into his pocket, suggest he try putting it into a hat instead.

It may make more sense than you think – if the hat is part of one of our games.