The Vegy Vida-Marsh Launch: 2 Airstreams, 6-fold Growth and 100s of Happy Kids

On June 17, Vegy Vida entered all 72 Marsh Supermarket locations and hundreds of children across Indiana and Ohio entered our hearts. With two Airstreams, hundreds of pounds of veggies and a mission to help kids love veggies for life, we began a journey.

Gardeners say that arugula and radishes grow pretty fast, but on June 17, no veggies could grow as fast as Vegy Vida. We expanded our size by six times in one day!

National Eat Your Veggies Day: 3 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Eat Veggies

Vegy Vida likes to add a twist to the way we enjoy veggies, and that applies to how we celebrate them as well. So we hope you join us on June 17 for National Eat Your Veggies Day, when we celebrate the earth’s most nutritious foods through a variety of creative family events.

Good health doesn’t start with a regimen or a membership or a fad. It starts with one day.

Ugly Veggies a Mother Should Love: Q&A With @UglyFruitAndVeg

Veggies are among the most beautiful foods we can put into our bodies, yet we treat those with abnormalities as if they are bad for us. Tons of ugly vegetables are wasted every day. This Q&A with Jordan Figueiredo, creator of the @UglyFruitAndVeg campaign, should change minds about looks.

In the veggie world, there are no popularity contests, no beauty pageants, no kings and queens of the prom.

Troubleshooting Gluten: When to Go Against the Grain

Veggie Vita A Gluten Free Snack that tastes good

An old TV commercial advised that if we want to perform our best, we better eat our Wheaties. These days, a whole lot of people are cutting back on their family’s wheat eating, but the reasons are not well understood, at best.

The culprit behind this wheat avoidance is gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. While generally nutritious for most of us, gluten can cause an inflammatory intestinal condition,

A Carrot Can Shape Your Child’s Future

There is a short window of time when children shift from loving vegetables to disliking them. This sudden aversion can shape life-long habits and health. Why this change occurs, and why vegetables are essential.

GMOs: Hype, or Ripe for Scrutiny?

GMO Free Foods - Hype or Health

There are many things about our children’s future we have yet to know, but do we really want any of them to involve what we put on their plates?

We speak here of three simple letters that are capturing increasing amounts of attention, yet are still misunderstood: GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. You’ve likely seen the letters, but what do they mean, and why should we care?

We care because of the unknowns.

Preserving Good Health With a Pinch of Salt – Not Sodium Benzoate

Butylated hydroxytoluene, butylated hydroxyanisole, sodium nitrate and erythorbic acid. Who’s hungry? These preservatives and many others exist in the foods we purchase and feed our families every day.

If they sound synthetic, it is because they are – at least in comparison to natural preservatives such as sugars, salt, vinegar and citrus.

These hard-to-pronounce preservatives are created in laboratories and may contribute to health and behavioral problems ranging from hyperactivity to cancer,

Why are veggies so special anyways?

Your mom made you eat them. “You’ll grow up big and strong!” she said. Or perhaps you got the all too famous “You cant have any dessert until you eat your vegetables!” Why did our moms care so much about eating those darn veggies anyways?

As early back as I can remember I have always had a fascination with nutrition and healthy eating. I would ‘revise’ some of my mom’s recipes to make them healthier.

Prep for Success!

Veggie Prep

Prep for easy grab and go snacks!

We all know vegetables are good for us. We shop the produce section with the best of intentions. We purchase a variety of vegetables and vow to eat some veggies every day. We get home from the grocery store, unpack all our veggies in the fridge.

For most of us, they sit in the fridge for days (or weeks!) uneaten.

Mom Advisory Board

While developing Vegy Vida®, I realized quickly that I was going to need a group of dynamic smart moms to help me out.

The Mom Advisory Board was born!

The mom advisory board is a group of moms that assist with every aspect of the products I create. Not only do the products I create meet my high standards, but they also must meet the high standards of my mom board before they hit the market.