The Vegy Vida-Marsh Launch: 2 Airstreams, 6-fold Growth and 100s of Happy Kids

On June 17, Vegy Vida entered all 72 Marsh Supermarket locations and hundreds of children across Indiana and Ohio entered our hearts. With two Airstreams, hundreds of pounds of veggies and a mission to help kids love veggies for life, we began a journey.

Gardeners say that arugula and radishes grow pretty fast, but on June 17, no veggies could grow as fast as Vegy Vida. We expanded our size by six times in one day!

Launch Week!

Wow- what a week it has been! A week filled with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Unexpected setbacks, excitement about finally getting this product onto a retail shelf, a TON of last minute work and preparations, many anxious sleepless nights, the feeling of accomplishment that we have come so far, second guessing every decision made….

I’ve always heard that a start up is not for the faint of heart, and its true.