Q&A with Pediatrician Nerissa Bauer: Rx for Child Nutrition

We’ve got a doctor’s advice on how to help kids try veggies and other new foods and enjoy what’s on their plates. Our Q&A with Indianapolis pediatrician Nerissa Bauer reveals expert tips on child nutrition.

Here’s a shot in the arm for moms trying to get their kids to eat veggies: Some good nutritional advice direct from a doctor.

We’ve invited Indiana pediatrician and professor Nerissa Bauer to talk about kid nutrition,

Lunchbox Veggies: How Ribbons and Tots Make Nutrition Fun (and Easy)

The days of PB&J in wax paper may be behind us, but the challenge of packing a healthy back-to-school lunchbox is not. These six creative ideas can make veggies hard to resist at any age.

In the 1960s, the School Lunch Division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture was determined to find out just what it was kids wanted to eat for lunch. So it tested nine recipes across 50 communities.

The Dirt on Veggie Gardening: What to Grow in July

The best veggies are backyard fresh, but is it too late to grow them now that it’s the middle of summer? Here are four veggies you can put in the ground now and pack for lunch by the fall.

It is estimated that a veggie in the grocery store can lose up to 30 percent of its nutrients from the time it is picked to the time it is polished off.

VegyVentions: Turn Veggies Into Magical Munchies, Imaginatively

Give a child some Lego blocks and he might build a house. Give him sliced cucumbers, peppers and toothpicks, and he’ll assemble a car. The best part of a VegyVention creativity kit: Kids can turn their inventions into body fuel.

The imagination is an amazing gift. It can transform mushrooms into elf umbrellas and it can turn veggies into flying machines.

This is what we learned at a recent “VegyVention” exercise conducted with members of the Greater Cincinnati YMCA and a crowd of about 50 eager kids.

It’s School Time!

School is in session!

Another school year has begun!

This time of year can be a lot of fun for kids. Yes, it means summer is over, which is not so fun. But there is something exciting about starting a new school year. Finding out who your teachers are, taking your school supplies list to the local store to get everything you need, seeing all your friends again at school after the summer…Good times.