Bittersweet Truths About Sugar and Kids: Stealth Sweeteners in Foods

Most of us eat way more sugar than is recommended, but the amount kids eat is stunning. Here’s a list of the many sugars added to foods, and tips for cutting back.

Every day, our kids are at risk of going a teaspoon too far. Or, more accurately, 25.

As in so many teaspoons of sugar. Turns out, too much of the stuff that helps the medicine go down can cause plenty of ailments on its own,

Trick or Treat!

With Halloween coming up this week, it got me thinking….

Why is it that just about every Holiday or gathering is synonymous with candy and sweets?

Halloween candy, Christmas cookies, Valentines Day chocolates, Easter baskets filled with sweet treats, Birthday cake, Anniversary cakes, Office party sweets, Retirement party cake, Wedding cake, Baby shower cake and other sweets, doughnuts and pastries at office meetings, candy jars at co-worker’s desks…..and on and on and on….it seems we as a society cant go long without our sweets!