Lettuce Begin: 5 Winter Salads Your Kids Will Love

If your kids tend to skip salad then try making it the main event. We’ve got five hearty winter salads brimming with nutritious veggies and dressed with sweet-and-salty fruits and proteins.

For many kids, these are the salad days. So why not dress them up?

Salad days are those when we are young and inexperienced. So isn’t it natural to fill them with actual salads with new tastes? Makes no difference that it’s cold out.

Veggie Spotlight: The Misunderstood Brussels Sprout

They’re awfully cute, but Brussels sprouts tend to evoke crinkly noses, not kisses, at mealtime. We’ve got a nutritional explanation why they should bring kisses, and recipes that might straighten up little noses.

At home, we often call Brussels sprouts “little cabbage.” In France, saying the same might just get you a kiss.

That’s because the French term for sweetheart, “petit chou,” literally translates to little cabbage. And therefore,

Baby It’s Cauliflower Outside? 7 In-Season Winter Veggies

True, it is harder to get nature’s bounty of fresh veggies during the coldest and shortest days of the year. However, there are a few bright spots until our next tomatoes and peas burst forth. Here are seven winter veggies and kid-friendly preparations.

Let it snow, let it snow and by all means, let the veggies grow.

Because even in the coldest, shortest days of winter, many vegetables still do grow.