This issue has really concerned me for quite some time. Google “childhood” and childhood obesity pops up. It’s clearly a topic people are discussing in large numbers. It’s an issue that has gained so much national attention that First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her mission to get kids moving and eating healthier foods.

I think it’s wonderful to bring attention to this issue! However, what can we do to change this on a practical level? What good is telling kids to eat vegetables and move around more if you don’t put it into daily practice and make it FUN?

Kids don’t understand why it is so important to eat veggies. We as parents must not only model good eating habits ourselves (since kids do what we DO not what we say), we must also create an environment of fun and enjoyment around healthy eating to encourage kids to eat what we know they should.

Vegy Vida® dip for veggies puts the FUN into eating veggies and creates an experience around eating vegetables that kids will enjoy! Vegy Vida® comes in delicious flavors kids LOVE! And who doesn’t love to dip?! 

Vegy Vida® creates healthy eating habits will stay with them through a lifetime! Yes, the issue of childhood obesity is multi-faceted and complex but we as parents are not helpless in the battle. We must find ways to create fun around healthy habits of all kinds so kids are encouraged to continue!

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