School is in session!

<span class="light">School</span> is in session!

Another school year has begun!

This time of year can be a lot of fun for kids. Yes, it means summer is over, which is not so fun. But there is something exciting about starting a new school year. Finding out who your teachers are, taking your school supplies list to the local store to get everything you need, seeing all your friends again at school after the summer…Good times.

You try to send your kids off to school with a healthy lunch that they will actually eat. Most of the time, the lunch box comes back to you with the healthy stuff still there…untouched.

What’s a parent to do? Add some Vegy Vida® to their lunches! Vegy Vida® is a healthy dip you can feel good about giving to your kids. Kids love it because it comes in awesome kid friendly flavors that makes their veggies taste great!

It’s a win-win! And with all the other worries and concerns about a new school year on parents minds, healthy eating shouldn’t be one of them.

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