Wow- what a week it has been! A week filled with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Unexpected setbacks, excitement about finally getting this product onto a retail shelf, a TON of last minute work and preparations, many anxious sleepless nights, the feeling of accomplishment that we have come so far, second guessing every decision made….

I’ve always heard that a start up is not for the faint of heart, and its true. This is the real deal. Working to exhaustion, spending lots (and lots!) of money, making decisions with no ‘right’ answer, listening to your gut more than you ever have in your life. It definitely takes a certain kind of crazy to do something like this.

So, why do it? I am sure all entrepreneurs have a different answer here. I can only speak for our team. The reason we push ourselves is because we believe so strongly in this product and the positive impact we will have with it. We believe we will do so much good and benefit people’s lives. Is there a better motivator than that? We don’t think so. We firmly believe that doing things the right way, with integrity and honesty and putting good energy out into the world will benefit us all.

Vegy Vida® is so much more than just a sauce to get kids (and adults!) to enjoy their veggies. It’s also about quality family time, and happy family moments. It’s the extra love a parent gives a child when they pack their lunches with something yummy (like Vegy Vida®)! It’s about that moment we all crave. When we sit around a dinner table as a family and share our day and our hearts with one another.

We believe good things and deeds always have a way of coming back around. We can’t wait to start improving people’s lives!

We are so excited to be launching Vegy Vida® in Remke Market stores This Saturday, October 17th! Stay tuned for more launches in the upcoming months!

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