Vegy Vida likes to add a twist to the way we enjoy veggies, and that applies to how we celebrate them as well. So we hope you join us on June 17 for National Eat Your Veggies Day, when we celebrate the earth’s most nutritious foods through a variety of creative family events.

Good health doesn’t start with a regimen or a membership or a fad. It starts with one day.

For us, that day is June 17, National Eat Your Vegetables Day. And because we at Vegy Vida like to add a twist to the way folks enjoy veggies, we are doing the same with this holiday, by adding our own Vegy Vida-created events for National Eat Your Veggies Day

 With this little enhancement, we are kicking off the veggie fiscal year not only by celebrating Mother Earth’s most nutritious foods, but also by inviting everyone to host or join a National Eat Your Veggies day project in your neighborhood.

The need is rather significant. Nine in 10 kids do not eat enough veggies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means most children lack the vitamins and nutrients essential for developing strong minds, muscles, bones and moods. So if your little one is being a little sour, a few sweet peas might help.

Further, veggies are among the best foods on earth for protecting our immune systems and preventing illnesses, from the common cold to cancer. Yay!

We’ve got lots of events lined up for National Eat Your Veggies Day, as well as a pretty neat website. Following are some of the ways we suggest you enjoy National Eat Your Veggies Day with us. For more information or to register your own event, visit us at

VegyStandOpen a Vegy Stand

Your kids can one-up the traditional lemonade stand with a full spectrum of veggies. Offer them for sale (or for free, with complementary artwork or other items for sale) just a few steps away from your veggie garden. A selection of all-natural dips and toppers should contribute to the variety and inspire kids to try more.



Make a Vegy Face

Making funny faces at people may not be nice, but making funny faces of people is A-OK! Provide the kids a variety of sliced and diced veggies, some dips and soft tortillas and ask them to “draw” Uncle Joe, or to make a self-portrait. These faces are super good for you, so no one’s feelings should be hurt if his or her nose looks like a cucumber.


Create VegyVentionsVegyVentions

Fill a few paper plates with sliced veggies, cheese cubes, colored straws and pretzel sticks and ask the kids to create their own inventions. You’ll be surprised what they can turn pepper slices into (not to give it away, but they are good alternatives to Lincoln Logs). You can make a contest of it at the next birthday party or pool day.

Now for the official rules: Who can host a project?

Good news! Anyone who wants to teach healthy eating can host an event, from organizers of community events and races, to families organizing block parties, to you – right at your home.

Visit us at to learn more and to register for a project. And be sure to eat you veggies on June 17! And June 18, and June 19 … It will be the first of many good days.


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