Grab ‘n go does not have to mean low nutrition and high preservatives. Here’s a list of 10 healthy, portable snacks from the fridge that require no cooking.

When it comes to nutrition, portable should be affordable, and it should also come wrapper-free.

By the year 2019, the sale of snack bars is expected to rise by 20 percent, thanks to the demand for grab ‘n go food. Some of these bars are all natural and good for us, but many are high in preservatives and sugar. Portable should not mean processed and it should not be a process – meaning loads of prep time or cooking. Like banana or carrots, portable snacks should be perfect food. A fistful of nutrients with a “Wowee!” taste – and no cooking.

Following are 10 healthy, easy snacks from the fridge that require no cooking or stirring. (OK, maybe a little shaking at most.) Best part: They are tasty to boot.

Apples ‘n spice and everything’s nice: Grab an apple, cut it up, put it in a sandwich bag. Add half a half teaspoon of cinnamon (or eyeball it). Shake. You’ve got a sweet treat without any added sugar – the natural sugars in the apple sweeten the cinnamon.

Power skewers: Perfect for those who are sticklers for nutrition, this snack combines essential vitamins with protein. Alternate cheese cubes, leftover chicken and thickly cut veggies on a skewer. Try Colby cheese, green pepper wedges and pear chunks for a sweet-and-savory contrast. In the summer, berries and grapes can be skewered and frozen for an antioxidant-rich snack.

Party peppers: Most supermarkets sell bags of colorful, sweet peppers that fit perfectly into little hands. For a nutrition boost you can cut off the top, fill with tuna, a wedge of cheese, or whatever is left over in the fridge. (Mashed potatoes, a bite of meat loaf or chili. Why not?)

Soft spinach taco: Layer one corn tortilla with all-natural Zesty Southwest Vegy Vida. Add fresh spinach or soft lettuce greens, top with shredded cheese if desired. Roll or fold and wrap in a colorful cocktail napkin.

Cucumber nibblers: Spread cream cheese on a slice of cucumber. Add a little ham, salmon or tomato if desired, and top with a second slice. Easy to carry, and a solid protein boost. The plant-based sugars in the cucumber are slowly absorbed into the blood stream, improving the likelihood of stable moods. (If your kids don’t like the seeds, core and halve a thick slice of cucumber and fill with cheese.  Top with desired ingredients and let a toothpick hold it together).

Shake ‘n no bake broccoli: Toss a fistful of broccoli florets into a baggie (the broccoli can be precut). Add a teaspoon or so of grated Parmesan cheese and your favorite seasonings (garlic powder or Lawry’s, for example). Add a small cup of Cheesy Cheddar or Buttery Garlic Vegy Vida on the side for dipping.

Gobble-gobble eggs:  Top each half of a hard-boiled egg with Savory Bacon Vegy Vida. Fold a thin slice of smoked turkey over it and hold with a toothpick. (Note: Hard-boiled eggs can be a carrier system for many treats if you pre-mix the cooked yolks with avocado, salsa, minced olives or even cauliflower crumbles. Use your imagination!)

PB&C: Some ideas do not need improvement. Peanut butter and celery go together like the 1950s and Betty Crocker. If the kids are allergic, all-natural Ranch Vegy Vida can be squeezed into the celery’s groove.

Jicama and cuties: Jicama is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamin C. It tastes like an apple with the crunch of a pear, making it a nice complement to mandarin oranges. Peel the jicama, slice it into sticks or cubes, and serve together in a dessert cup. Bonus: Jicama can be sliced and stored in advance, with a little lime squeeze.

Edamame: Hey, it’s super easy but it will keep the kids busy and challenged for a little while. Pour a half a cup of edamame into a soup bowl, hand each kid a set of chopsticks and challenge them to eat them all.

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