It all started with a natural food scientist, a discovery and a group of moms on a mission to get kids to eat veggies.

Josh Young was searching for an all-natural flavor source for foods and beverages that would deliver great taste without artificial ingredients or sugar. The natural foods scientist looked at fruits and vegetables, the sources of most natural flavorings. But instead of finding a new flavor to improve taste, he discovered something revolutionary: an ingredient in cucumber extract that could actually take unpleasant flavors away—not by masking them, but by changing the way bitter compounds in foods and beverages interact with the taste receptors in our mouths.

Josh wanted to use his discovery to help people in a meaningful way. He knew that kids have three times more taste buds than adults, and he’d seen how his nieces complained about the taste of veggies. He decided to create a dip kids would love that would also soften vegetable bitterness. He soon realized that the only sure way to make it successful was to work with the only people who are experts at kids’ everyday vegetable struggles: moms. With their help, Vegy Vida was developed in all of its clean-ingredient, tasty-flavored, fun-for-kids-to-use glory.

Today, Vegy Vida is the only 100% all-natural dip ‘n more made especially for kids. It contains absolutely no sugar, GMOs, gluten or anything artificial of any kind—and yet it’s delicious, convenient, nutritious and versatile. The best part: Vegy Vida helps children learn to enjoy the taste of vegetables, starting out a lifetime of good eating habits.