On June 17, Vegy Vida entered all 72 Marsh Supermarket locations and hundreds of children across Indiana and Ohio entered our hearts. With two Airstreams, hundreds of pounds of veggies and a mission to help kids love veggies for life, we began a journey.

Gardeners say that arugula and radishes grow pretty fast, but on June 17, no veggies could grow as fast as Vegy Vida. We expanded our size by six times in one day!

That’s when Vegy Vida began lining the produce shelves of all 72 Marsh Supermarket locations in Ohio and Indiana, and in one day, we grew to 86 locations from 14.

Growth like this takes teamwork and vision. We knew that much of our launch strategy with Marsh would form the legwork for future expansion models, so structure was essential. Think of it as planting a garden that would feed your family for years. But instead of seeds, sun, rain and fertilizers, we needed store signs, coupons, contests, tastings, advertising, social media campaigns, new team members and training. And veggies – lots and lots of veggies.

The best part: We planned to enter Marsh stores on National Eat Your Vegetables Day! So in addition to the in-store launchOne long line activities at Marsh we created our own “National Eat Your Veggies Day” website. The holiday also would include activities, contests, social media campaigns and (of course) more tastings which would require (naturally) lots more veggies.

And then came the peas de resistance: We rented two beautiful silver Airstreams and took Vegy Vida on the road! Touring Cincinnati and Indianapolis, we offered thousands of free samples of Vegy Vida and fresh veggies to hundreds of kids and parents. We visited area day-care centers, parks and a couple of participating YMCAs.

It was an incredibly special, joyful day for everyone. Kids formed long lines to get second and third servings of veggies with Vegy Vida. They mugged for photos, drew veggie pictures with colored chalk and declared, to surprised parents, “Hey, I like broccoli!”

As rewards go, we couldn’t have asked for a better one.

We are so grateful to Marsh Supermarkets, which has been a supportive, enthusiastic partner that cares about kid health as much as we. We also are grateful to our first retail partners, Remke Markets and Dorothy Lane Market, and to our Vegy Vida fans and ambassadors across the region. You guys are the sun that we, the Vegy Vida team, rise for and grow toward every day.

Thank you.

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