Give a child some Lego blocks and he might build a house. Give him sliced cucumbers, peppers and toothpicks, and he’ll assemble a car. The best part of a VegyVention creativity kit: Kids can turn their inventions into body fuel.

The imagination is an amazing gift. It can transform mushrooms into elf umbrellas and it can turn veggies into flying machines.

This is what we learned at a recent “VegyVention” exercise conducted with members of the Greater Cincinnati YMCA and a crowd of about 50 eager kids. We created for each kid a VegyVention kit that included a selection of sliced veggies, tortilla shells or chips, pretzel sticks, multi-colored straws, toothpicks and small cups of Vegy Vida all-natural dip and topper. Then we watched the kids go!VegyVentions

They brought remarkable enthusiasm and imaginations to the task. Several of the children created automobiles, airplanes and space ships. Some made smiling faces and one built a bridge to the forest.

The best part: Every creation was unique to its maker – the veggies provided the kids a new artistic medium with which to explore their creativity.  And when they were done, they got to eat them!

The good news is anyone can make a VegyVention kit at home. Here’s how you do it:

1: Grab whatever veggies you have on hand and slice them into manageable (not too small) pieces. It is best to create a variety of shapes: circles, strips, squares, etc.

2: Add other food “tools” that VegyVention ingredientswill complement the veggies. Cheese cubes, pretzel sticks, crackers and soft tortilla shells are good choices. All-natural dips can be used for color as well as VegyVention tools.

3: Cut up a couple of colored straws (the bendy kind are extra cool) and/or throw in some toothpicks. These will additionally help the kids connect the veggies for many functions. Put everything together on a plate.

4: If you want to encourage creativity, feel free to pull pictures from magazines and post them nearby, maybe on the refrigerator, for inspiration.

VegyVentions Satelllite


5: Call in the kids and go to town! There are no limits to the VegyVentions they can make.

6: Once the VegyVentions are created, ask the kids to give them a name and take photos. We’d love to see them!

7: Finally, enjoy your VegyVentions. Creativity is good for the belly as well as the soul.

If you’d like to share your kid’s VegyVentions with us, please send us a photo of it, what it is called, and  the name and age of its creator. Your photo may be posted on our social media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram.

We’d love to see what your kids come up with!

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